Komatsubara Komuten Ltd.
Architects & General Contractors

Established in 1895, Komatsubara Komuten Ltd.has a proven track record of over 100 years in the industry, with reputable clients in both public and private sectors.


Our boutique construction company guarantees first class architectural services at a competitive cost, with a focus on the construction of schools, hospitals, commercial establishments, residences, condominiums, government offices, religious facilities, as well as high quality renovations.


Our 45 full-time staff provide comprehensive expertise in all facets of construction, from classical and contemporary designs, to Japanese style architecture.


Here at Komatsubara Komuten Ltd. we are proud of our active involvement in environmental preservation initiatives, and strive to operate as sustainably as possible.


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Our showroom


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1. Intricately designed, American imported mosaic-tiled foyer.

2. Meticulous craftsmanship from first-rate engineers at Poggenpohl. German imported marble countertop, complete with built-in stainless steel sink and stovetop as well as dishwasher and Panasonic fridge.

3. Spacious, welcoming living room that invites comfort and exudes modern elegance through furniture designed by the late Le Corbusier.

4. Luxurious Bianco Carrara (white marble) tiled bathroom that boasts a generously sized glass-encased marble shower, complete with rainfall showerhead and soaking tub. This master bath possesses impressive vanity cabinets and a state-of-the-art Japanese toilet as well as a front loader washer and dryer.

5. Dining room fitted with elegant furnishings, including decorative light fixtures and a striking chandelier, all imported from the U.S.

Overseas Project_Condominium at Kahala Beach





In 2017, Komatsubara Komuten Ltd. purchased a condominium of Kahala Beach in Hawaii for real estate investment and foreign market analysis.

The building's exterior and interior exhibit 1960s style designs that stand out among the modern and contemporary designs one sees in the new highrises at Waikiki and Ala Moana.

The garden inside the Kahala Beach residence is a Hawaiian cultural heritage site.

KKL staffs regularly go to Kahala on business for the property management as owner.